Pelican show review

Here's a review of the Pelican show the other week. Nice one. Thanks. 

Words by Rahul Menon

The very awesome Pelican made their return to Australian shores, and it promised to be an amazing sonic experience. The night was, simply put, amazing! The vibe at the Manning Bar was excellent, the support bands brought out their best performances, and Pelican, as expected, were sounding absolutely huge!

Starting off the night was Sydney's very own We Lost the Sea. I had the opportunity to see these guys before when they were supporting Caspian earlier this year, and this time they were even better. They got my complete attention within moments of them starting to play, and their performance was one incredible progressive post rock journey. Starting off the set with slow, brooding, and haunting tunes, they slowly and steadily picked up the tempo and the heaviness and around the middle of their set they washed over the Manning Bar with an incredible sound. They were trippy, emitting great moving energy, and they successfully transported the fully immersed concert goers to a whole new world of blissfulness. The ambiance and atmosphere they created was just so good, and they should be well and truly proud of their performance.

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