We are extremely proud to present our new album Triumph & Disaster. 

Triumph & Disaster is a post-apocalyptic view on the collapse of the world told like a children’s story and illustrated through the eyes of a mother and her son as they spend one last day on Earth. The music is the narrative for the destruction and tragedy. The words tell the story of love, loss and letting go.

This was probably one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. Some times were good and other times it really sucked. We really felt the pressure of Departure Songs on our backs the whole time and it was hard to push through that. We needed to rise to the occasion on all levels. It sort of made the writing process, which can be really cathartic, joyous and wonderful, into something that, at times, was an unenjoyable slog. We wanted to do something that was ours and as original as we could make it from the story to the music and in the process leave behind the sad memorial that was DS. That struggle comes through in the music. The push and pull from each other and against the huge themes and ideas we tried to represent. This is the first time we’ve written such an intentional and determined album. It’s more bolder, mature and sonically dense than anything we’ve done previously. 

We’re beyond proud, excited and exhausted to present you the first track from it ’Towers’ which summarises all of those emotions in one song. Representing the beginning and the end of everything, it is about giant oppressive forces and feelings, the towering juggernaut of power, failure, history and death. 

We’ll be playing a special ‘album preview’ show at the Vanguard in Newtown, Sydney on the 24th of August. It will be a really intimate one-off show, with more to come later in the year. We’ll only be selling 150 tickets so get in early. We can’t wait to share it with you. 

Pre-orders are now available through our Bandcamp page.

Translation Loss - US
Dunk!Records - EU
Holy Roar - UK

Triumph & Disaster is out October 4 via Bird's Robe Records (Australia) and October 25 via Translation Loss (US), Holy Roar (UK) and Dunk!Records (EU).

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