Review of our show with Jakob in December

We Lost The Sea were the absolute highlights of the night. A statement so bold wouldn’t generally come so early in a review, usually electing to lull the reader into some sort of suspense before finally reasoning that the support act ultimately trumped the headliner. Too bad. This band was really exciting. Post-rock bands probably hate being compared to others in their field, a criticism that’s hardly fair based on how intricate the arrangements are. We’ll go with this then: It started with crystal clean Explosions In The Sky guitars that grew – as the set did – into something entirely different. A beautiful audio snippet was a highlight, distorted just enough that you know what the person’s saying is important, but can’t make out the words.

This kind of restraint is what post-rock is all about. The band would build and build, beautiful cacophonies, the instruments sounding as if they were being amplified in the darkest cave. Nine times out of ten these intense builds would grow to the point where you could anticipate the second where shit got real. Then, suddenly, the song would trail off. It’s that one pounding moment, when they’ve finally made you think that they’re not that kind of band, that all hell breaks loose. When We Lost The Sea is firing on all cylinders the music is searing, hot to the touch.

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