We're happy to announce a bunch of awesome supports for our shows in the new year. 

First up we have the amazing Crooked Fiddle Band joining us in Melbourne and Sydney. Their violin-led erratic mix of math-rock and baltic folk is infectious and makes you move involuntarily. This is probably one of the best descriptions of a band's music ever: "what Sepultura would sound like if they provided the soundtrack to a hyperactive version of O Brother Where Art Thou." We've been wanting to play with them for ages, we're stoked they're joining us. Come and see them make you happy before we make you sad.

The Crooked Fiddle Band lores.jpg

Opening for us in Sydney is possibly one of the most talented musicians we've seen in a while, Louise Nutting aka Wartime Sweethearts. A fantastic blend of odd pop sounds and glitchy melodies sung perfectly over loops and keys. Usually backed with some more talented musicians. This is like if Bjork wrote Jeff Buckley songs. Do not miss Wartime Sweethearts because no doubt we'll be applying to support her in the future.


Opening for us in Melbourne is a band we just discovered, Dear Plastic. An awesome blend of pop and trip hop with the right amount of glitch. This is what they say about themselves "You might like us if you dig Radiohead, fondly remember Portishead, or enjoy that weird feeling you get when listening to Scott Walker. Our videos are really good." Yep. This video is very good…

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.08.45 PM.png

Backing us up in Brisbane is the lovely and loud, Deafcult. Saturated in melody and layers and layers of guitars. We've been wanting to play with these guys for a while and we've finally crossed paths. This will be a huge show with about 24 members in each band, and heaps of guitar idiots. Recently signed to Hobbledehoy and on the cusp of a new record, don't miss this show.