We come to you with not the best news right before the end of the year... We've been told by the pressing plant that due to mistakes that were completely out of our control our vinyls will not reach us until January. More delays!!

We can't apologise enough and we'll get these out to you as soon as we can. The fact they are not in our hands already is slowly killing us.

You can pre-order the vinyl from Translation Loss Records - they are the same stock as ours so they don't have any at the moment either but will do in January.

We are working on distribution and will let you know when we confirm all the details.

Once again, thank you for all your support and patience. We'll be going quiet for a few weeks, all merch orders will go out after the 10th of Jan. Have a safe holiday.

Peace, love and beers from

'Departure Songs' - out now on Bird's Robe Records, Art As Catharsis Records and Translation Loss Records.

"This is a special, unique release... and I thank them for it. If you ever have a discussion with someone and want to prove the power of music - reach for this" - Nick Dodd | Echoes and Dust

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