Hey everyone,

Here’s a bit of a teaser for the live record. This will be out in early March. Pre-order available now!

This is a live recording of our first ever overseas show at Dunk!Fest in Zottegem, Belgium in June 2017 where we played Departure Songs in full. A show we almost missed after blowing out two tyres on our gear trailer somewhere on the side of a German motorway.

This is an energetic and visceral rendition of Departure Songs by a band who were excited to be in Europe on a big stage.

This 180gm double vinyl is being released through WLTS and Bird’s Robe Records (AUS/Asia) Dunk!Records (EU) and Translation Loss Records (US). Each label will have their own exclusive colour variant. Artwork by Error Design.

Track list is the same as the studio record of Departure Songs.