We're having another sale. This time we want to move some prints that we have leftover and some new ones we just got in stock. Use the code: artsale on our Bandcamp page for a 15% discount on everything. Not long now until we leave for Europe, get us some last $ before then! Thanks! 

Art Sale.png


Thank you Brisbane, we had a great time. We finally made it up there and you made our first headlining show in your town an awesome one. Thanks to @thefoundrybrisbane for being an awesome venue and the staff for being good to us and to @deafcult and @denadabris for lending us gear and deafening everyone before we got the chance to.

This marks a temporary pause for shows and Departure Songs in Australia, at least until much later this year, and a really special 2 years since we released the record. We are now focussed on our European tour and eventually record number 4. We had some really lovely chats and feedback from you guys and it's always nice to speak to our fans face to face. It's a massive reason why we even do this in the first place. We won't be gone for long, in the meantime take care of each other and we'll see you soon, hopefully with some new music to share with you.



Hello everyone, we have some sad news. One of the WLTS families is going through some sudden and tragic circumstances and as a result we will have to postpone our Brisbane show scheduled for tomorrow at The Foundry. The rescheduled date is Sunday April 2nd and all tickets purchased will be valid for entry. We apologise for any inconvenience or for people who now can't make the show, refunds will be available from OzTix.

We will be laying low until then, and we'll see you in April and then in Europe.

Thanks for your understanding and thank you also to The Foundry for helping us reschedule at short notice.

Our thoughts are with the people close to us right now.



We'll be playing Brisbane at the Foundry this Saturday. It will be our last show up there in a long while. Might also be our last Australian show for a while until we're back from Europe at least.

We'll be joined by DEAFCULT and De Nada. Come on down and have a beer. We've also saved you the last 5 or 6 copies of Departure Songs on vinyl.

Tickets here.


We're playing a couple of shows in January, as you probably know, and we'd love to see you there. They will be the last headlining shows we'll be doing for a while, at least until the end of the year. We will be joined by some really awesome bands: The Crooked Fiddle Band, Wartime Sweethearts and Dear Plastic. There's a lot of other stuff happening out there at the moment, so we appreciate you choosing us over someone like Nick Cave. Cheers :)

Ticket links to the right ----->


We’re incredibly excited to announce the first run of shows for our European tour next year, starting with the amazing Dunk!festival in Belgium as our first ever overseas show! We’ll be joined by fellow BRR friends Meniscus and Dumbsaint along the way.

We still have a few dates that are TBC and a couple other things in the works. If you would like any more info or to help us lock down some more shows, please contact Mike at The Bird's Robe Collective (birdsrobe at

In the meantime, have an awesome festive season and we’ll see you in May!


Joined by Meniscus and Dumbsaint.
26/5 - Dunk! Festival, Belgium
28/5 - Prague, Czech republic
29/5 - Leipzig, Germany
30/5 - Warsaw, Poland
31/5 - Bratislava, Slovakia
1/6 - Budapest, Hungary
2/6 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
3/6 - Bucharest, Romania
5/6 - Timisoara, Romania
6/6 - Belgrade, Serbia
9/6 - Schio, Italy*
10/6 - Misano Adriatico, Italy*
11/6 - Rome, Italy*
13/6 - Barcelona, Spain*
14/6 - Bordeaux, France*
15/6 - Paris, France*
* with Meniscus only
More dates TBA.

WLTS EU2017 A2 RGB v2 update.jpg


The end of the year is here. We've had a great year of shows and tours and meeting and talking to a lot of our Aussie fans. It's been a humbling experience. From selling out Oxford Art Factory to having a line up of people at the Old Bar who couldn't get in (sorry!). Touring with Apocalyptica and playing the Metro for the first time, to then ending the year surrounded by friends supporting Baroness. We can't wait to get into 2017 and get over to Europe for the first time and then eventually start writing album 4. As always, thanks so much for your support.



It was great to support a band we greatly admire surrounded by friends and our friends' bands that have been around since the beginning when we used to dream of doing these things. Especially at the Metro. Thanks for everything, everyone. What a great way to finish the year.



We're happy to announce a bunch of awesome supports for our shows in the new year. 

First up we have the amazing Crooked Fiddle Band joining us in Melbourne and Sydney. Their violin-led erratic mix of math-rock and baltic folk is infectious and makes you move involuntarily. This is probably one of the best descriptions of a band's music ever: "what Sepultura would sound like if they provided the soundtrack to a hyperactive version of O Brother Where Art Thou." We've been wanting to play with them for ages, we're stoked they're joining us. Come and see them make you happy before we make you sad.

The Crooked Fiddle Band lores.jpg

Opening for us in Sydney is possibly one of the most talented musicians we've seen in a while, Louise Nutting aka Wartime Sweethearts. A fantastic blend of odd pop sounds and glitchy melodies sung perfectly over loops and keys. Usually backed with some more talented musicians. This is like if Bjork wrote Jeff Buckley songs. Do not miss Wartime Sweethearts because no doubt we'll be applying to support her in the future.


Opening for us in Melbourne is a band we just discovered, Dear Plastic. An awesome blend of pop and trip hop with the right amount of glitch. This is what they say about themselves "You might like us if you dig Radiohead, fondly remember Portishead, or enjoy that weird feeling you get when listening to Scott Walker. Our videos are really good." Yep. This video is very good…

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.08.45 PM.png

Backing us up in Brisbane is the lovely and loud, Deafcult. Saturated in melody and layers and layers of guitars. We've been wanting to play with these guys for a while and we've finally crossed paths. This will be a huge show with about 24 members in each band, and heaps of guitar idiots. Recently signed to Hobbledehoy and on the cusp of a new record, don't miss this show.



We’re doing a short 3 show run in Jan/Feb next year to finish up an awesome 18 months of Departure Songs before we go to Europe for the first time. This will possibly be the last of our own Australian shows until we write the next record. This will also likely be the last time we play sets dedicated to Departure Songs. We might actually throw some other stuff in there as well.

We want to celebrate an amazing journey with you since June last year.

Supports and other things to be announced soon.

Melbourne Jan 14th
Northcote Social Club

Sydney Jan 21st
Newtown Social Club

Brisbane Feb 18th
The Foundry

WLTS Diver tour poster_web.jpg


It's been a while since there's been a Progfest, and since we've played one 100 years ago. This one is huge, and at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, which is awesome. This is happening on Saturday 2nd Dec. There's 12 bands playing, come down early and drink beer. See you there.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW via, Oztix & The Venue!



This is a bit of a late post, just catching up on life!

In September we were asked by Destroy All Lines to support Finnish cello metal masters, Apocalyptica ,on their Australian tour. It was a bit of a different one for us and I think we challenged ourselves and the audience on this tour, which is a good thing. We played rooms we'd never played, including the Metro in Sydney which was a bit of a bucket list venue for us. We had a lot of fun and some awesome (and interesting) reactions from the audiences. It was actually an honor to play with such a respected and talented band and we learned a lot from this tour. Good times. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 7.35.28 pm.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 7.35.49 pm.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 7.35.34 pm.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 7.35.43 pm.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 7.35.54 pm.png


Here is the full set from our Oxford Art Factory show in June this year, mistakes and all. This show completed our recent Australian tour and we were joined by the amazing VOX Sydney Philharmonia Choir. Have a geez when you have a spare hour, or skip through to the good bits at the end. Cheers to Adam, Josh, Tav, James and Michael for working on this.


Departure Songs turns one

Tomorrow marks one year since the release of Departure Songs. What a year. It has exceeded all of our expectations massively and, thanks to all of you peoples, it has made us feel loved, justified, amazed, happy and looking forward to what’s next. As a small thank you to everyone who’s supported us in any way this past year (and because we need the cash to do more WLTS stuff and to clear some space in the house) we’re doing a sale on our Bandcamp. 20% off everything until next Friday. Bonus dog hair is free of charge.

Code: departureone


If having just finished the best tour of our lives isn’t enough, we can announce that we are finally heading to Europe (and hopefully the UK) for our first overseas tour ever in 2017!!! After a pretty terrible weekend of silly politics we hope this cheers a few of you up. Some of the guys haven’t even left the country, let alone toured overseas with a band. We can’t reveal too much except we are working on filling in some dates on our touring schedule and we need your help.

If any promoters, labels and/or venue managers could get in touch to help us book shows and help fill in those dates, that would be much appreciated. Please contact the band at welostthesea at or Mike at Bird’s Robe, birdsrobe at

More info to come.




Well... what a way to end a tour. When we started booking this tour we never imagined we'd end up here. Kind of speechless really. Massive thank you to all of our friends, family and fans for supporting us for the last however many years until now, a sold out Oxford Art Factory. This tour has exceed all expectations, we're all blown away by it.

Special thanks to Tav for continuously putting up with us and making us sound good. Have/Hold for being a great band and lovely, genuine gentleman (and getting pummeled when doing our merch in Sydney). Tim for his electric cello. Liz and the VOX choir for their voices. Dan for making the drums sound pro. All the bands that played with us and venues that hosted us. Louis CK, Steve Hughes, Jim Jefferies and Ricky Gervais for keeping us company in the van. And also Balranald.

Now we sleep. See you again soon.
Much love,


We have something to tell you we’ve been working really hard on for months and have been trying to keep secret for a while. It has been making us excited and also extremely anxious but we are genuinely stoked to announce that we will be joined by members of the VOX, Sydney Philharmonia Choir at The Oxford Art Factory show in June. YES A CHOIR.

This will be an amazingly special show for us (hard to believe it’s actually happening) and probably won’t happen again for a long time. You do not want to miss this!